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Why you should choose a professional wedding photographer

Why you should choose a professional wedding photographer and not a hobby photographer, relative or a friend?

And how do you choose a photographer that suits you? Your friend, is it a person who can shoot weddings? Because even if you are good at “taking pictures” or have a good camera so it is quite far from document a wedding.

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A wedding is an ensemble of many details. Some details are large and some are small. However, all are equally important. It can be hard to keep everything in your head and therefore it is important to hire an experienced wedding photographer. How to photograph a wedding requires careful planning, technical knowledge in terms of both equipment and lighting conditions. Furthermore, a large dose of experience is necessary to achieve the best results.

Look together at several photographers’ websites and blogs to see what you guys think about their images and style, and then contact your favourites! All photographers have their own imagery, and you must find the style You like best

I have eight years of experience as a wedding photographer and have photographed almost one hundred weddings. I can guarantee a high quality of the images. I have a backup if any equipment fails. I’m a professional image editor. I have the knowledge to instruct you in portrait photography. I am engaged and spend a lot of time and energy to deliver perfect pictures. I am careful and sign agreements that contain all the important information about the wedding; timing, scope, price, rights, cancellation policy, payment terms, delivery of images, etc.

Also: My packages include all the pictures that I take during the hours that I’m with and documenting your day. The pictures you get as high-resolution files.

If you check around among other photographers, as you may perceive as less expensive, so it’s usually only a specific number of images in the package – the rest you have to pay good money to buy loose … And you will want to have as many pictures as possible from your beautiful day.

I’m not a wedding factory that aims to mass-produce wedding photos and will never ever strive to be. I’d rather do a limited number of weddings each year so that I can use all the necessary time needed to my customers and keep my creativity and joy. It is because of you that I can do what I love. I do not take it for granted.

I have contacts with many other suppliers in the wedding industry and can give you tips when you want to get hold of a good makeup artist, soloist or are looking for someone who has a horse & carriage transport from the church to the party. Maybe you even want help choosing where you are going to keep the wedding party?

I give and require time. Why and how? Well by getting to know you. First we meet at the planning meeting where we get to know each other a little more than a snack. The meeting is usually in good time before the wedding, either at my house or in a cafe. At the meeting, we talk through your wishes, thoughts and ideas. It’s important to me that it will be as you have in mind, because the pictures will follow you throughout your life. Many feel that they learn a lot at this meeting. Things they have not thought of before the wedding, tips and ideas from me that have been present at many weddings – information that will help you in planning. We live far away from each other; we can take the meeting on Skype.

I need time to portraits – total it may well be at least 2 1/2 hours … Either at once or dividing it up to 1 hour before the wedding and 1.5 h after … I think it’s super important that you do not feel the stress on this day! It should be a cosy, fun and beautiful day where the shoot to be included in the day as a romantic and fun experience. Not a performance…

My job as a wedding photographer is to give you a fantastic memory with many wonderful photographs documenting all moments – both those you saw and those you have not had time to perceive. I want to give you pictures of your family, write your story in pictures and help you to remember this special day for the rest of their lives. Images that which then lives on for generations.

Ability to split the payment is, so there should not be any obstacle that you may book a photographer with the heart and not after the size of your wallet.

Professional swedish wedding photographer Anna Lauridsen

  • MItch - Hi there,

    We are getting married on the 23rd June this year, in Malmö. Just wondering if you would be available and secondly, what packages and prices you offer.



    • Anna - Hi Mitch! Thank you for your request! I am already busy that day so unfortunately I can’t help you. Maybe I can help you if you want a recommendation for an other wedding photographer who is available your date, just let me know if so. Have a lovely day!

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