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Post-Processing and editing

I always deliver your wedding photos with a classic editing because fashion and taste also change in post-processing. A few years ago all wedding photos would be soft and bright, a few years ago it was modern with matte and toned down colors, last year green nature was ugly and orange skin was popular. How will it be this year?

What I try to do is preserve my style. Warm colors, soft contrasts (without losing sharpness) and beautiful natural tones. Classic images that you will love as much in the future as you do today! Below you can see a picture of how it looks before and after editing* and retouching*.

The first image on the left, is the original and how it looks when it comes straight from the camera. It is completely unprocessed and only opened in Lightroom.

Image number two shows how it looks after I edited it in Lightroom. I increased the exposure as it was a bit too dark and also the contrast, to ‘pop’ the image a bit more. Then I added a slightly darker edge (vignette) to “frame” the subject in the picture. Finally, I have changed the color tone by reducing a little the red and yellow in the image. I do this simpler editing with ALL of your images that I deliver, i.e. I go through them, one by one.

The third picture shows how it looks after I also retouched it in Photoshop. I usually do that with all pictures that are to be enlarged for the wall and if there are other pictures that you want a little nicer. I have removed the strand of hair that was interfering on the left, brightened up the under eyes and evened out the skin on the face and neck as well as removed the red tone on the ear. Finally, I’ve made the dress a little more creamy white. Now this beautiful woman doesn’t need any retouching at all, but that’s how you can see the difference. It’s great if you also want to remove objects that don’t belong in a wedding photo, for example a stain on the dress or a pimple on the chin.

*Editing: All images you receive will be edited before delivery and that is always included. The pictures are always taken in so-called Raw format, which is also called Digital negative. The original images require post-processing to come to life, as they look quite boring straight out of the camera. It can be compared to analog negatives needing to be developed. Editing is the processing/development of these digital negative images (raw images) in a so-called digital darkroom, e.g. Lightroom. This means adjusting light/darkness, contrast, color saturation and color temperature/white balance, cropping, rotation, perspective adjustment, noise reduction, sharpness, use of grain and minor cleaning such as removing sensor dust and chromatic aberration. Editing involves general adjustments across the entire image and no pixels are changed or removed.

*Retouching: You can always order retouching afterwards if you wish for certain images. It is not included in the package price. Retouching means going into the image and changing the pixels. For example. combine several images into one (panorama, multi-exposure or similar), add, remove or move image elements by, for example, cloning, patching (patch tool), healing brush tools, content-aware filling, liquify or similar. So in short, remove objects/elements in the picture that disturb, make montage (e.g. changing eyes in a group picture) and beauty retouching such as wrinkles, folds, liver spots, etc.

Bildbehandling Lightroom Photoshop

After all color images are clear, I convert all your images to black and white. I go through them in the same way here, one by one so that they all match. As with color, so goes the fashion in black and white. Here you can see three different varieties! The first image has a “fashion” toning, the middle one is the gradient that I use most often for wedding pictures because it is a black and white toning which I think fits most pictures at a wedding. The last picture has a more vintage feel and I like that a lot! Especially the landscape portraits, you know, when the bride and groom are a small part of a landscape.

Bildbehandling Lightroom Photoshop Svartvit konvertering

And if you wish, I can of course also give all your pictures a beautiful look with the help of various presets and filters in Lightroom and Photoshop. Here are six examples of the numerous presets that I use. My favourites are for example from Mastin Labs och BP4U. I also use various plugins from Topaz Labs

Vintage look Bildbehandling Lightroom Photoshop

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